Nooga! Visit Rock Village

By Improv Chattanooga (other events)

13 Dates Through Mar 30, 2018

Romance! Betrayal!! An Undefinable Wet Smell That Clings to Clothing!!!!

‘Nooga! is home to lots of magnificent sights and attractions. But none are as spectacularly cheesy as the venerable caverns of the Rock Village buried deep within the caverns of Signal Mountain.

That’s right, you’ve seen the crudely drawn signs on Outhouses around the country, now it’s time to “Visit Rock Village” for yourself!

From the majestic liquids of the underground fountains, to the non-copyrighted tales of the Storybook Village, to the life-threatening terror of the “Glass Bridge That Was Never Properly Inspected or Particularly Well Thought Out,” the Rock Village has been a ‘Nooga Institution since the bootleggers that created it in the 1800’s realized there was more money in the pockets of tourists than local alcoholics.

So, join us each week, starting Friday, January 5th at 8pm in the First Draft Theater, as we follow the trials and tribulations of the people that work, live and love in the bowels of the Rock Village. From the kindly old man that runs the Fudge Factory to the Dwarves that stand motionless for days at a time, just to put lichen on the table for their families. Every week will bring new situations, dangers and excitement in a 100% made up on the spot theatrical experience like no other in Chattanooga!

(All shows are rated PG-13. Concessions are available on site and performances are BYOB. The First Draft Theater is a non-smoking venue.)

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1800 Rossville Ave Chattanooga TN 37408